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Bencur forest is reality

At the third Cyclonárez race, we promised the Forest Composesorate in Partizánska Ľupča to plant 20 pieces of young trees for each competitor. Unfortunately, one month after the race a huge tragedy happened so we decided to connect the tree planting with remembrance of our friend – Roman Bencur. A lot of people came, some of them cycled up to the top while others with children drove their cars all the way up to Železnô due to unpleasant weather.

Where the forest was destroyed by the gale of Žofia, 1500 spruce

But it does not matter, the result is amazing. In Ľupčianska valley, where the forest was destroyed by the gale of Žofia, 1500 spruce, larch and beech trees are already growing wider and wider. Remembrance of Roman will stay alive in the valley, where he grew up, at the place he loved and would help us every year with the health security of the race.

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